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The Lacerta Files

Fallout 4 The Lacerta Files is a gaming mod, currently in development by Vault40X, on the Fallout 4 platform using Bethesda’s Creation Kit.

The mod is based on UFO material called “The Lacerta Files” that were posted on the world wide web in 2002.

The Lacerta Files

Men In Black


Based on The Lacerta Files, the mod takes place in Sweden at a lonely cabin in the wilderness. A Swedish man, named Oliver, is approached by a beautiful woman who does not seem native to the area. Before you know it, Oli is being followed and tracked by mysterious Men In Black.

Oli is then transported into an “alternate” dimension which reveals the truth about man’s origins. He comes to realize that humans are the ones who are living in the alternate universe.

Encounter reptilians and nordic aliens. Get caught between an epic battle and decide what is the truth and what is the lie.

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